Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Nikola Reviews Blue Diary By Alice Hoffman

When I look for books to read, I look for books that open doors to perspectives or experiences that sometimes make you appreciate life a little better. Honestly, I look for books to read that help me escape from my own life and problems. Books that bewitch you with every turn of the page.  I've just finished reading another book that did just that. However, instead of helping me escape my own reality, Alice Hoffman captures in Blue Diary, the stillness of love and the vulnerability of stability before life throws you something you never quite fathomed possible.

As I started to read Blue Diary I was in awe of the love Jorie and Ethan shared.  I was so in love with how Alice Hoffman described how much Ethan loved his wife Jorie, and the hero like character he portrayed as the volunteer fireman who rescued a little girl from a fire, saved a teenager from a car wreck, worked full-time as the town contractor, and still had time to dote on his wife providing everything her heart desired that I tweeted under @NikolaReviews before I was even done reading the book  I started reading a new book and last night Alice Hoffaman's words made me reflect, there are things that are so beautiful, that feel so good in life that come for free that sadly not all of us experience.

Kat Willams is a twelve year old girl who lives next door to Ethan, Jorie, and Collie who is Ethan's son. Kat recognizes the father of her best friend Collie on a local news report for a murder committed 13 years ago. Kat is a complicated character with deep emotional wounds that she hides, she is smart, observant, and has the mind of an adult after she battles merely existing after her own father whom she loved dearly kills himself. Because of these unwanted wounds Kat sees to the soul of people past what most want others to see.

What Alice Hoffman has written so far in Blue Diary as a picture perfect life to be admired suddenly shatters in minutes as authorities arrive at the home of Ethan, Jorie, and Collie.  The book takes a turn in a very wrong direction that unleashes the unimaginable and the unforgivable.

As the book takes a turn, I the reader, do to.  I felt portrayed and begin reading the book looking for clues to uphold my original view.  The book unravels not into the mystery of the crime itself, but a mystery of character and the layers that time can add to a persons soul.

Review Written By Nikola Naylor-Warren
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  1. Have you read anything else by Hoffman? I enjoyed Practical Magic tremendously. This sound like a departure for her.


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