Thursday, April 11, 2024

The World Is Changing, Humans are Evolving, and Technology is Advancing Rapidly, Faster Then Our Justice and Legal Systems That Are Archaic And Need To Catch Up

 This Book is a look into the present and future of societies all over the world, how they will change, how humans will and are changing, how the social construct that we have been used to for so long are evaporating into something foreign. What is creating this change, technology, and the rapid discoveries that are being brought forth through the development of Ai, Artificial Intelligence. The change that Ai is creating as it integrates into everything we use, need, depend on, which includes our anatomy. Bioscience Technology is a silent fast moving train that is often left to its own research unchecked, creating, coding, designing, and changing US in an effort to advance our society by advancing humans, in ways that have had historical repercussions.  The book I am recommending is a book written by me called What's The Matter? The Psychology of Feeling in the Era of Ai By Nikola Naylor-Warren. The book is a non-fictional account of events that will change our entire existence as humans now and in our future all over the world.

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