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Thursday, February 4, 2021

NikolaReviews gives Judas and the Black Messiah two thumbs up!

Review Written By Nikola Naylor-Warren

I just watched a screening of Judas and the Black Messiah the movie offers an enlightened perspective of beauty inside what many viewed as the beast of Fred Hampton played by Daniel Kaluuya, the notorious leader of the Black Panther Party.  In this movie you learn a lot more about Hampton, his vision, and how he viewed the people.  Fred Hampton capitalized on the commonality of injustice within groups by bringing together both black, white, and latino groups the FBI defined as violent terrorist organizations such as The Lords, The Disciples, and The Crowns to fight for the will of the people in order to economically build up what is viewed as the "little man" poor blacks, latinos, and what some might consider poor white trash against police brutality and poverty.

Fred Hamptons crusade was to fight against injustice and the FBI's focus was approach.

FBI agent Roy Mitchell played by Jesse Plemons, saw both the white and black organizations fighting for their own kind as violent insurrectionist who incited violence and separation amongst the people.

The FBI's formula for infiltration and destruction of these groups was simple.

Trap a criminal in a trap then offer him a way out to create a rat, Bill O'Neal, played by LaKeith Stansfield, the African-american informant who helped take down the Black Panther organization.

Overall this historical film was informative it allowed viewers to see the challenge of position and purpose and how often each one is unable to share the same space.

NikolaReviews gives Judas and the Black Messiah two thumbs up.

Sunday, January 17, 2021 Gives A Splendid Ruin by Megan Chance Two Thumbs Up!

Review Written By Nikola Naylor-Warren

When scientists plan experiments they often condition the environment and their subjects. Then they carefully observe and wait for anticipated results that will be used to further their research. This often requires careful planning, with meticulous and methodical detail. Conditioning subjects to react in a way that supports the scientist FRAME work is essential in plotting a SCHEME that generates the results needed to justify and execute the next steps in reaching the goals of the scientist. Often subjects are unaware that they or their environment is being conditioned or what is being used to condition them.

If I were an investigator and evidence was provided against someone, I would ask fundamental questions like: 

What did you see? Why were you looking? Where were you looking? When were you looking? And Who were you looking at?  These details alone can be telling.....

Just to satisfy the "CONVENIENCE" of evidence for the sake of due diligence.

May was not given this chance.   Although A Splendid Ruin is not about science -the injustice of what happens to May in this page-turning novel plays out like an exact science. One I am all too familiar with, and is often missed by some of the smartest and brightest, as proven so far. However, this excellent novel by Megan Chance gives us all hope that the tables can sometimes turn.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

NikolaReviews Gives Two Painful Thumbs up to Dolen Perkins-Valdez book Wench!

I listened to a book on Audible this summer. It was so good I ordered it, so I could add it to my permanent book collection. 

I discussed recently, in one of my over 1500 audio and video recordings detailing a five-year real-time documentation of what happens to my body since I awoke from an illegal May 12th, 2015 surgery I had at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA performed by Dr. Fred Price.  I often wondered would my daily audio journals be enough to tell my story either while I am alive or after I die. I thought about Henrietta Lacks and how her story was retold by someone else years after she died.

I read this book, by Dolene Perkins-Valdez, and after reading it, I knew, that she gets it, even without knowing anything about me, my story, or what my body has been through since waking up from an illegal hidden surgical procedure that was done to my body without my consent. Although Roe vs. Wade is about abortion, the premise, of those rights stems from the root, which states women have a right to choose what happens to their bodies. I did not choose. Dr. Fred Price and West Penn Hospital chose for me without my consent.

I am reminded daily of that choice that Dr. Fred Price took away from me by what happens to my body everyday without my consent. Something very scorching happened to my body today October 13th, 2020, even while I type this review, which finally made me want to include Dolen-Perkins Valdez book on my website NikolaReviews. This book was excellently painful to read, I cried a little, feeling the pain, and understanding the mentality that one must possess to want to hurt women this way. The book is historical fiction, that exposes the suppressed nature of how black women are viewed in society. After my surgery, and feeling the deliberate things that happen to my body daily, it was clear our so-called emancipation is more in name rather than actual reality. 

There is an insert taken from Chapter 15 page 104 of Dolen-Perkins Valdez book titled Wench, that I would like to quote, as a simile to Dr. Fred Prices surgical procedure.

"The pinches were hard enough to bruise. Fran did it secretly, in the kitchen, on the stairs, in the hallway, in the yard. She searched for new places, beginning with Lizzies cheek. Then an arm. Thigh. Side, Shoulder. She seemed to relish discovering each new point of hurt. Sometimes Lizzie even caught the woman examining her body, as if searching for a new place. Lizzie tried to stay out of her way. Tried to bypass her in the familiar layout of the rooms.

At night. Drayle came to her...........  

 :Has anyone seen Elisabeth Moss's reaction in Invisible Man!

Exactly what am I saying? Exactly what was just said or quoted.

Are black women still emancipated in 2020?

If it happens to one, it has happened to too many.  Read the Poem by Martin Niemoller, "Then They Came For Me". A poem about the Jewish Holocaust.

The book Wench is gripping and painful to read. It is a book where one can learn, what we must never allow again. Unfortunately, scientists and doctors have already lost that battle in their so-called pursuit of advancement that actually is taking us backward. Some may argue the science and technology isn't taking us back, and I will add, but the mentality of who and how it is used, is. Wench is a page-turner.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Nikola Reviews Gives Two Thumbs Up to The Current War

First it should be mentioned that it was America who first brought light to the world.  However, how and in which method light would travel throughout the far ends of the world is retold to movie watchers in the fact based historical film The Current War.
The Current war is about the expansion of invention. Thomas Edison played by Benedict Cumberbatch invents the lightbulb, the 1st man to bring electrical light to earth. However, the question then becomes how far can that light travel?
George Westinghouse played by Michael Shannon sees an opportunity for expansion of Thomas invention, however, what should of been a collaboration of mind and money becomes a war. A war of scientist versus entrepreneur.
Westinghouse is a wealthy business man and an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are often able to grasp and conceptualize ideas that are intricate in combination with noticing a demand for supply and the reward of profit. As a result of this skill Westinghouse uses technical experts to design his inventions for market.
Thomas's passion is inventing not profit. Because of this fact he is often blinded by his focus to see the necessary components needed to expand his inventions.
Nikola Tesla a futurist played by Nicholas Hoult is hired by Thomas at low wage and presents an overlooked necessary concept for expanding light by offering the idea of designing an alternator to Thomas right away but is ignored. During this same exact time Westinghouse has also thought of inventing an alternator that would expand Thomas's invention and takes advantage of the idea and does it, requesting patents by copying some of Thomas's invention to do so.
Sam Insull,Thomas's assistant played by Tom Holland is observing and watching this all unfold and although he is awe of Thomas's brilliance he also sees his dismissive attitude towards the ideas of others.
JP Morgan played by Matthew Macfadyen a banker and financier is willing to put his money where he will get the greatest return and uses the war between Edison and Westinghouse to his advantage by offering his backing to the inventor who unfortunately, it turns out. presents not the best product but the best profit and pitch. You have to watch the film to see what happens.
In The Current War there are several elements of war at play.
  • Quality over Quantity, 
  • Safety versus Speed and 
  • Principal versus Profit
  • Morality versus Necessity  
This movie is excellent and unfolds a larger story that explains how each invention and contribution from each inventor helped light the entire world and it started here in America.

Review Written By Nikola Naylor-Warren
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Monday, September 16, 2019

Nikola Reviews Audio Book Recommended for the Sisters!

I recently have added audio books to my reading list and there are two books that I would like to give two finger snaps, a bow down to, and a thank you to the sisters who wrote them.

I do audio & video journals, blogs, poems, etc documenting my own experiences since my May 12, 2015 surgery at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA.  I believe some people may have listened to some of my audio and videos, I have over 800 recordings (most not made public), but some not all I've posted publicly not making a profit, but as an advocate for women and a call for help. Warning them about the changes in our society that affect our right and freedom to choose what happens to our bodies medically. 

I'm still not exactly sure how some have gotten a hand or ears on some of my recordings and videos, but in a digital society of life hacks, if I'm right, it's no surprise how quickly "evolutionary" news spreads.

After my life altering surgery, I've been evaluating, documenting, and defining new ways to adapt as a pioneer in coping with a change in both my physical and psychological functioning, since my May 12, 2015 surgery. I've been grabbing at everything, the bible, my faith, people who have walked challenging roads and succeeded to hang on and anchor my self-esteem since waking up from my surgery.

The surgery I had holds a heavy historical weight in motive, that questions the purpose, and expectations of African-American women after a life altering surgery, such as mines. So much so, that in my pursuit of esteem in dealing with obstacles that won't move, but I have to some how find my way around- I've been reading and listening to women who may not have the same challenge as myself, but have been challenged never the less, and openly expressed their imperfections, short comings, mistakes, and successes in their journey.

It has helped. It has let me know, that I'm not alone. That I don't have to have it all figured out. It has been healthy not just listening to my own voice, observations, and personal vlogs & recordings, but also, listening to audio books from other African-American women perspectives:

The following is Nikola Reviews Recommended: Excellent from beginning to end:

The Sisters are Alright by Tamara Winfrey Harris

Eloquent Rage by Brittney Cooper

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Nikola Reviews "47" by Walter Mosely

My teenage daughter picked up Walter Mosley's book "47" on a whim in the young adult section.  While we were in the car together, she started to tell me about the book.  I was immediately interested when she begin to describe the characters "47" and Tall John. I asked her if I could borrow the book. I hadn't really entertained reading a young adult book, but I found Walter Mosley's book to be a re-education of sorts that young adults and adults could take lessons from.

"47" is about a young boy who had to find a lifeline to survive a labyrinth of abuse and oppression during an era of slavery that many have allowed to dull from memory. The book begins with a young boy who lives with an awareness that his existence has been despised from birth, being blamed by  Master Tobias for killing both his slave mother who cared for the masters wife, and later the master's wife who was broken-hearted by the death of her house slave.  The only role that 47 played in either death was his birth.

Too young to enter the slave shack 47 lives in fear and observation of the future that is soon approaching him as he comes of age, and looks ahead at the doom, abuse, grueling ritual routine of daily field labor that awaits him when Master Tobias sends him to the slave shacks.

Immediately when 47 is sent to the adult slave shacks, still too young for the hard labor, but sent early because of the hate and resentment Master Tobias has for him, he is introduced to Pritchard, a bitter slave toppled with a condition that allows 47 no mercy.

Overwhelmed, with the fear of death, and an inability due to size and age to do what is expected of him, 47 is thrown a lifeline when he meets a seemingly disguised educated lost/runaway slave boy who outwardly displays himself as an Uncle Tom named Tall John.

Tall John introduces a philosophy of freedom for slaves that 47 never thought was possible. The lost/runaway boy Tall John is rumored to be a healer amongst slave masters.  Tall John who is seemingly submissive and compliant to Master Tobias begins to secretly educate 47 in defiance of slavery.  Tall John teaches 47 about the medicinal secrets of his native land used to heal. He also esteems 47 and promises him a future of freedom.

Despite Tall Johns healing abilities both boys face a harsh and brutally unfair reality of being seen as a threat for knowing more and doing more even as they aid in healing Master Tobias ailing daughter.  Service during slavery is sometimes a curse for slaves if it gives a slave an upper hand that slave masters feel makes a slave seem more superior.

Much has been learned from reading Walter Mosley's book which is freedom isn't given, it must be taken, a choice that could come with penalty. Freedom is an act based on principals demonstrated by the choices we make everyday, despite the penalty. For slaves it was more than civil disobedience, each act towards freedom meant most often death and not punishment.  The alternative to freedom was unbearable torture.

At times this book was hard to read. Although it is a book of historical fiction, it read more like a parable of lessons. The book 47 teaches readers that the mentality of slavery has to be first altered in the mind, next how one sees him or herself, not through the eyes of the slave master, but as someone greater. Tall John begin to make 47 believe, once your self-image and vision has changed, then one possesses the power to force conditions to change, despite the penalty. Freedom!

I learned today on CNN listening to Spike Lee's interview with Anderson that it was 400 years ago this year, that slaves were brought to America.  

Book Review by Nikola Naylor-Warren

NikolaReviews gives Judas and the Black Messiah two thumbs up!

Review Written By Nikola Naylor-Warren I just watched a screening of Judas and the Black Messiah the movie offers an enlightened perspective...