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If Your Children Are Fans of Build A Bear, Then Here's A Bedtime Story To Read To Them For Free As a Kindle Subscriber

 NikolaReviews recommends a book I published a called 

What Happened to Junior? A Child and Bear Memoir available on Kindle and For Book Order

What Happened To Junior? Reveals the relationship that a child forms with her Bear and the collective effort a family part takes in to reunite a lost Bear with Kayla, a little girl who has suddenly lost her Bear. During the tale of effort Kayla's family takes to help her find her Bear a familial rekindling is formed with family members whom Kayla assumed were disinterested or never noticed how special Kayla's Bear was to her. She discovers a new found relationship of comfort during the absence of her Bear with her mother, siblings, and grandparents as they all pitch in to help Kayla find Junior.

Anyone who has had a stuffed animal as a friend or comforter growing up will enjoy this story, especially Build-A-Bear fans.

The World Is Changing, Humans are Evolving, and Technology is Advancing Rapidly, Faster Then Our Justice and Legal Systems That Are Archaic And Need To Catch Up

 This Book is a look into the present and future of societies all over the world, how they will change, how humans will and are changing, how the social construct that we have been used to for so long are evaporating into something foreign. What is creating this change, technology, and the rapid discoveries that are being brought forth through the development of Ai, Artificial Intelligence. The change that Ai is creating as it integrates into everything we use, need, depend on, which includes our anatomy. Bioscience Technology is a silent fast moving train that is often left to its own research unchecked, creating, coding, designing, and changing US in an effort to advance our society by advancing humans, in ways that have had historical repercussions.  The book I am recommending is a book written by me called What's The Matter? The Psychology of Feeling in the Era of Ai By Nikola Naylor-Warren. The book is a non-fictional account of events that will change our entire existence as humans now and in our future all over the world.

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NikolaReviews A Few Page Turners Readers May Want to Read

Books Reviews Written by Nikola Naylor-Warren

Keeping up with tradition, I am updating my blog, with the latest. I have read a few books recently. The last novel I completed was The Last Flight by Julie Clark, this book is a fictional book that touches on the heroism of women who take action to escape domestic violence and decide not to settle with the cards that life unfortunately and inevitably deals without foresight. I don't want to tell the story however, I will give a few details. It's a good read about two women named Claire and Eva with entirely two different backgrounds that have a chance encounter that changes the course of their lives. It's a mystery and a journey that has an unsettling ending.

I read another short story (a novel) The Bookstore Sisters by Alice Hoffman in one night about two estranged sisters who were forced to come back together and live in the same home after years of separation to care for a child and an unexpected addition to the family due to a family emergency. The short story was cinematic in its retailing because it takes place on a small piece of family land on a small island, a place one of the sisters left behind years ago, with no intentions of returning. The book makes you value and appreciate the traditions that families have that are often taken for granted when instead they should be preserved and treasured.

Review Updated from Recent Hack on June 2nd 2024, with correct information

I absolutely loved The Tangled Vines by Julianne Maclean from the beginning this book tells the story of a mother and daughter in the past and present. Both women take an epic journey over seas to Europe and discover another part of themselves they never knew. A journey through vineyards, love, new found family, and the taste of wine with a legacy of family treasure. 

The Tangled Vines by Julianne Maclean was a page turner. It tells the story of a young woman who receives an inheritance from a father she never knew existed. This new found knowledge and request of her presence for the reading of the will takes her on a journey to a vineyard in Europe. A trip that reveals long buried past secrets that her mother who also passed took to her grave. 

From the start this book takes you on a whirlwind. Starting with the news, shock, and disruption of entering into a new class of people and upsetting everyone in the room. Learning legal news, that no one would expect or see coming, starting with her first encounter with her privileged entitled siblings who didn't even know she existed.

In all the drama, The Tangled Vines untangles the truth about an unknown love that was worthy of an inheritance that no one could comprehend by taking readers back to the past to understand how this young woman came to be the daughter and heir of a such a wealthy man named Antwon, a father she never knew. In this new discovery new questions are raised in wanting to understand how the man who she thought was her father  ended up being such a pivotal part of her life without acknowledgement of the truth from her deceased mother or her ailed father. I could not put this book down. It was good. 

Review by Nikola Naylor-Warren

The last book that I am reading now, that makes me think I'm getting Ashton Kushner punked is about a woman who does not recognize her fiance at their wedding. I am 84 pages in so far and it reads like the story about my surgery ( I won't say more about that). The story begins at a wedding and as the bride is about to marry she gets cold feet because she does not recognize the man she is about to marry. The wedding is crowded full of friends, family, and loved ones. Everyone recognizes her fiance but her. She is told by an attending physician at the wedding that she must be having some type mental episode that blocks facial recognition. She visits another doctor to have a brain scan and a mri, and is told that isn't the issue. So far she has been undiagnosed. The story so far has recounted several past events that her fiance missed.  She recounts him missing key events such as the announcement of her engagement during a family dinner. The bride to be announced to family by herself that she was getting married because her fiance at the last minute could not attend. At another event, at a night club, the bride to be was so excited to introduce her finance to her friends for the first time and at the last minute he couldn't make it. The year long photos of her relationship have been changed or are missing from her social media. The photos her friends have of her with her fiance seem to show a man she does not recognize. I am 84 pages in, her friends and family thinks she is having a mental episode. I don't know where the writer of this book is going. I'm beginning to think that this is going to be some kind of "Fight Club' type ending, I don't know, I'm about to stop reading it because I'm 84 pages in, and the whole book so far has been about her not recognizing the man she was about to marry at her wedding. OMG! its a mystery I'm getting tired of, I don't know what to think. It's on my E-reader and I'm about sick of it, I don't know if I can finish it because it has been the same scenario every chapter. I'm wondering if this book is a hack, because so far, it's ridiculous. I'm literally like, get on with it, as I turn the pages. The title of this book is called The Silent Bride by Shalini Boland. Another reader can take a crack at it and see if you have better luck. I need it to pick up the pace.

Special Note: If in fact The Silent Bride turns out to be a good book, I will update and change my review. This is one of the first times I have given an opinion about  a book before I actually finished the book, if I can finish the book, lol....

These reviews are written by @NikolaReviews

Nikola Naylor-Warren

I do not do reviews on everything I read or watch, however I tweet out good tv shows, movies, and books, especially during the writers strike that I think are good. Even if I do not do the reviews, I will tweet a list anyway. So if you are looking for a good book, movie, or tv show, I often tweet what I like, because I think you may like it too. I have been doing movie and book reviews since college. I used to write for the Drexel Triangle at Drexel University during my undergrad years as a movie critic. It's a hobby, I have always enjoyed.

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Nikola Reviews The Blackening in Theaters June 16th, 2023

The Blackening is a film written by Tracy Oliver and Dewayne Perkins and directed by Tim Story starring Grace Byers from Empire and several other up and coming actors and actresses. The Blackening is a comedic satire of horror. The film offers suspense with a whole lot of laughter after a group of friends meet up on a trip in a remote cabin for a long awaited reunion. From the moment they arrive the location, the park ranger, and the cabin present oddities that begin to unfold into what looks like may become a very uncomfortable trip. 

The host who invited them, never shows up. Several doors in the cabin are off limits even though the entire house is rented for all the guest to enjoy. As the guest of friends attempt to lossen up and have fun, things get worse when the power goes out and the guest learn that only one door is open to them. The game room.

Trapped in the game room the group of friends try to make the best of a bad situation. In an effort to carry out what they believe is the absent host wishes, members of the group force the others, who resentfully join in to play a game called The Blackening.  What is assumed to be a stupid game set up by the absent host quickly becomes a game of survival. At first, black is what matters, to stay alive. However, in the irony of cool aid drinking and card table playing, members of the friend group discover that "the blacker the berrier the sweeter the juice". Those who are blacker lose their blood first, or perhaps the other way around. The laughter comes when each friend compete against one another to prove one's blackness in a last ditch effort to stay alive. 

I took my teenage daughter and her friend to see the film and they could not stop laughing. They also said that the film presented unexpected horror and suspense because clearly everything happening on this trip was not going as anyone expected.

Movie Review is Written by Nikola Warren

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NikolaReviews gives two thumbs up to Women Talking in Movies on January 20th, 2023 and Select Theaters Now....

Review is Written By Nikola Naylor-Warren

The movie Women Talking is about a conversation between women who are forced to find a new way to exist either within their reality or to have the courage to search, find, and create an entirely different reality within the universe outside of everything they have ever known and loved. 

Each element of their value system has been shattered leaving them with the unknown to rely on. Their entire lives, their decisions, were based on tradition, duty, family, and faith in exchange for love, security, and peace within a community that lived within co-dependence of each other. Their conversation is about a decision that must be made and a bitter liberating solution they must agree on by facing the truth of their present reality and challenging each other to weigh the cost they will pay and their children will pay for the exhaustion of their in action.

 The movie is a window into the psychological perspective of women have had to consciously tolerate, accept, and cope with the unconscionable.

This movie features a cast with a mixture of well known actresses and up and coming young actresses such as Frances McDormand and Claire Foy from the The Girl in the Spiders Web.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

NikolaReviews gives Judas and the Black Messiah two thumbs up!

Review Written By Nikola Naylor-Warren

I just watched a screening of Judas and the Black Messiah the movie offers an enlightened perspective of beauty inside what many viewed as the beast of Fred Hampton played by Daniel Kaluuya, the notorious leader of the Black Panther Party.  In this movie you learn a lot more about Hampton, his vision, and how he viewed the people.  Fred Hampton capitalized on the commonality of injustice within groups by bringing together both black, white, and latino groups the FBI defined as violent terrorist organizations such as The Lords, The Disciples, and The Crowns to fight for the will of the people in order to economically build up what is viewed as the "little man" poor blacks, latinos, and what some might consider poor white trash against police brutality and poverty.

Fred Hamptons crusade was to fight against injustice and the FBI's focus was approach.

FBI agent Roy Mitchell played by Jesse Plemons, saw both the white and black organizations fighting for their own kind as violent insurrectionist who incited violence and separation amongst the people.

The FBI's formula for infiltration and destruction of these groups was simple.

Trap a criminal in a trap then offer him a way out to create a rat, Bill O'Neal, played by LaKeith Stansfield, the African-american informant who helped take down the Black Panther organization.

Overall this historical film was informative it allowed viewers to see the challenge of position and purpose and how often each one is unable to share the same space.

NikolaReviews gives Judas and the Black Messiah two thumbs up.

If Your Children Are Fans of Build A Bear, Then Here's A Bedtime Story To Read To Them For Free As a Kindle Subscriber

 NikolaReviews recommends a book I published a called  What Happened to Junior? A Child and Bear Memoir available on Kindle and For Book Ord...