Nikolas Online Book Club Starting June 21st 2019

Okay, I'm starting two new books, I haven't committed to either yet.  I started reading the first one today and I'm only a few pages in. I randomly picked it up at my local library it's called "The Forever King" by Molly Cochran and Warren Murphy.

My first reaction to reading the first few pages was "Alarming", it made me go back and read the book cover summary a second time, contemplating whether or not I wished to continue. Already from what I've read so far, it's dark from the very start, and I'm not sure where this story is going, nor am I'm sure I want to go where ever it travels. The writing however, sucks you in deep, it's just the content, well, I kind of was distraught when I learned what Blue Diary revealed (See Book Review Page). I can tell already "The Forever King"  is a page turner, I'm just not sure I want to turn the page.
If anyone is looking for interesting books to read, you can join with me, and start reading, comment whenever you feel like it. See and follow.
Like always, I will do a book review once I'm done.  I thought about starting this online book club with the last book I read, Blue Diary I had so many opinions, so much to say, and was so upset and disappointed with what happened in this book.  The same emotions sparked when I read Bred toWin by Kinsolving. So I said maybe I should announce when I start a new book, comment whenever I feel as I read and perhaps other people looking for good books might want to start reading the same book and comment too. Either way, comments or no comments, the book, movie, play, etc... NikolaReviews will keep the reviews coming.
This is one of my positive social hobbies. I've always read books and loved movies, it's a great escape from the very real pioneer lifestyle I presently live.

The other book I recently picked up was "The Silent Patient" by Alex Michaelides it was on the counter at the library when I was returning magazines to the clerk, the title grabbed my attention immediately.
I asked the librarian was someone checking out the book, she said yes, she also said she heard it was good, but it was on hold for someone else, she offered to put it on hold for me next.  I was given the book yesterday not knowing exactly what it was about. I read the book cover summary, and well I think I picked up another dark one,  but the summary was interesting enough, so I plan to start reading this as well.

The plug to my projector broke yesterday, someone accidentally stepped on it, so picking up these two books was timely.

If you plan to read along and want to view daily comments as I read visit or post your comments on my blog.

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