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Absolute Page Turners

Originally Posted on February 6th, 2017

Absolute Page Turners

Written By Nikola Warren I was with my sister this weekend we went to church and had breakfast together at Silk City in Philadelphia. It felt good getting some adult time. My sister makes an effort to help generate positive energy in almost everything she does. We started to discuss books she and I read. She also wanted me to make sure I remembered to take her Christmas gift back with me to Pittsburgh, which was a book she decided to buy for me because it had helped her so much called "The Five Minute Journal". In our discussion about books we both read, I realized I had read so many books that were so good, that perhaps sharing it with book lovers would be a good blog entry. "I've learned that regardless of a persons state of mind- life goes on anyway, making the best of it helps us have a better day." NW In an effort to add interesting post to my blog and not to make everything so serious all the time. I decided to add absolute page turners to my blog. If you are a reader and you love good books that will be hard to put down in between your hectic schedule pick up one of these books. I promise you will not be disappointed.
Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, I loved this book from page one, it was witty, crude, hilarious, and it brought to the forefront the obvious prejudices and phoniness that is accepted and considered appropriate by certain ranks of society. Kwan lets you into a world that plays by separate rules set aside from even its own culture. Crazy Rich Asians is a page turner, you will laugh and shake your head in Trump style, for sure.
The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian, if anyone loves the story of The Great Gatsby then you will love this story it gives an interesting perspective and a thought provoking twist on what is assumed by the reader of each characters attitude and intentions of the original story.
The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards regardless if you've seen the Lifetime movie or not, one who has read and seen both, the book is better, it pulls you into a readers trance right away, and leaves you with vivid anticipation at every page turn. The depth of each character and the curiousity that develops by the reader is one that exposes the audaciousness and fallacies of love.
Ruby by Cynthia Bond I will warn my readers that this book is a tough one. This book flows in clarity and in sequence of past memories that build and destroy the souls of women with deep dark roots that expose the harshness of culture, poverty, and religion. It tells a story that often goes hidden. At times you will have to put it down, it will spin your heart and mind, it opens the closets of trust. It depicts a fight for the soul when God appears to be unreachable. I cried in triumph while reading this book.
Taming of the Queen by Phillippa Gregory offers a metaphor and contradiction and true understanding that even for powerful woman learning to tame the air that they breathe is a crucial art to survival. This novel tells the story of Catherine Parr the last surviving Queen of Henry VIII. It pages in awing detail a prophetic and delicate path that not only a beautiful, but smarter woman than her husband, must take with a King who aligns his self on both sides of the chess board. Leaving his Queen consistently exposed to attacks and threats of changing allegiance.
In Order To Live by Yeonmi Park is a psychological and emotional journey of an immigrant girl who escapes the oppression of North Korea and the human trafficking slave trade of China. I learned quickly when reading this book from the story of a tiny frail woman that oppression and depression is not a good excuse for failure. This book is a well written autobiography that offers an enriching philosophy of using pain and humiliation to push you through some of humanities most darkest moments. This book exposes the spirit of existence and the hardship of surviving without will or mercy in a world that does not see you. Yenomi takes readers through a world of life lessons learned in darkness and leaves readers in the light of hope and perseverance. Blog Disclaimer: All book summaries written on this blog were formulated and written by Nikola Warren from my own perspective of each book I read and should not be copied.

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